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Essex Jericho Underhill Ecumenical Ministry

PO BOX 65, Jericho, VT  05465


Food Donations Received by:


Jericho Settlers Farm                                Windwhistle Farm

Mountain High Pizza Pie                            Chapin Orchard

Mountain Mommas                                     Claybrook Farm

Leo Club at MMU                                       Heavenly Pantry

Bimbo's Bakery Outlet                               Girls On The Run

Vermont Auto Enthusiasts                          Region 1 Lions Club

Jericho Elementary School                         Adams Apple Orchard

Underhill Harvest Market                            Starry Nights 4-H

Jeri- Hill XYZ Senior Citizens                     Jerihill Hardware

Hannaford Helping Hand Boxes                Jericho Settlers Farm

Farrell Chiropractic Center                         MMU Advisory Group

Underhill Central School                            Area Boyscout Troops

Deborah Rawson Memorial Library           Valleyview Farm

Price Chopper Patrons                              Hannaford Patrons                     

All Area Church Members


Monetary Donations Received by:


Town of Essex                                     Chittenden County Dairy Promoters 

Town of Jericho                                   Employees of General Dynamics

Town of Underhill                                 Farrell Chiropractic

IBM Employees                                   Essex Rotary Club                             Area Churches                                     Fraternal Order of Eagles 3210 Aux

                                        and individuals like you

(too many to list separately)



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