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Calvary Episcopal Church                               899-2326

Route 15. Jericho


Covenant Community Church                         879-4313

Route 15, Essex


Essex Center United Methodist Church          878-8304

Route 15, Essex Center


Good Shepherd Lutheran Church                   899-3932

Route 15, Jericho


Jericho Congregational Church                       899-4911

On the Green, Jericho Center


Jericho United Methodist Church                    899-4288

Route 15, Jericho


St. Pius X Roman Catholic Church                 878-5997

Route 15, Essex


St. Thomas Roman Catholic Church              899-4632

Green Street, Underhill Center


Catalyst Church                                              899-2949

Raceway Road, Jericho


United Church of Underhill                             899-1722

7 Park Street, Underhill

                Mount Mansfield Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

               195 VT Route 15, Jericho                               899-8528



access each church's website by clicking on its name.

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